Andrea Chenier (Umberto Giordano)
Andrea Chenier = José Cura, tenor
TDK music DVD
Umberto Giordano
Andrea Chénier
Teatro Comunale, Bologna, Italy, 2006
José Cura (Andrea Chénier)
Maria Guleghina (Maddalena di Coigny)
Carlo Guelfi (Carlo Gérard)
Giacinta Nicotra (La mulatta Bersi)
Cinzia De Mola (La Contessa di Coigny)
Annie Vavrille (Madelon)
Carlo Cigni (Roucher)
Armando Ariostini (Il romanziero)
Giuseppe Guidi (Fouquier-Tinville)
Mario Bellanova (Il sanculotto Mathieu)
Pierre Lefebvre (Un "Incredibile")
Stefano Pisani (L'Abate)
Atfeh Ziyan (Schmidt)
Mauro Marchetto (Il Maestro di casa)
Michele Castagnaro (Dumas)

Orchestra e Coro del Teatro Comunale di Bologna


Stage Director
Giancarlo del Monaco

Release Dates
Europe: June 2006
USA, Canada, UK: July 2006

Item Code (NTSC)
DVWW-OPACH (for worldwide)


TDK presents Andrea Chenier, one of the important works of Italian verismo, in a realistic staging from this year at the Teatro Communale di Bologna. With José Cura and Maria Guleghina in the lead roles, the production proved to be a visual and musical feast for opera lovers.

Umberto Giordano wrote his best-known work in 1896. It is based on the life of the French poet, André Chénier. The historical figure was born in Constantinople in 1762, the son of a French father and a Greek mother. In 1794, only a few days before Robespierre suffered the same fate, he was executed for his part in a prison uprising. He had been imprisoned for having visited the house of the painter and staunch royalist, the Marquis de Pastoret. Initially he had espoused the ideals of the Revolution, but his attitude had changed as a result of the arbitrary rule that had led to the murder of Marat and to the beginning of the Reign of Terror.

In this thrilling, dramatic story a finely woven web of intrigue is set against the background of the terrible events of the darkest years of the Revolution. The tormented figure of a servant, Gérard, becomes an agent of the Revolution. Initially secretly in love with the aristocratic Maddalena di Coigny, who in turn loves Chénier, he is plagued by feelings of guilt caused by his loyalty towards Maddalena.

Star tenor José Cura, who is both good-looking and a striking actor, is ideal in the heroic title role to which he brings a remarkable stage presence and imposing vocal force.
Maria Guleghina appears opposite him, singing Maddalena. She is a strong performer of verismo roles like Manon Lescaut and Tosca (both of which she has recorded for TDK DVD). Her lush soprano is wonderfully coloured and perfectly tuned throughout her range.
Carlo Guelfi as Gérard is the leading Italian Baritone. He has recently sung Rigoletto opposite Rolando Villazon and Anna Netrebko at the Metropolitan Opera New York and he can be seen as Simon Boccanegra on a TDK DVD.
Carlo Rizzi, highly-acclaimed conductor of the Italian repertoire with international standing, leads the ensemble through the score in an admirable Italian singer-conductor tradition.
Director Giancarlo Del Monaco, who also designed the sets and costumes for this production, set the action against a realistic 18th century backdrop with symbolic features: While all the nobles have their faces covered in impermeable make up, Chénier and Maddalena are the only ones to show their true faces and express their inner feelings. When the Countess of Coigny invites her guests to resume dancing after the servant’s challenging interruption, the mirrored walls of the room come down and, in the process, the whole setting becomes tatty, reinforcing the sense of growing moral decay.

Recorded live by Italian Television, this staging is now available on DVD. Under the experienced direction of Paola Longobardo who demonstrates a deep understanding of both the music and the plot, the filming draws close to the characters thus bringing the excellent acting straight to the viewer. Together with the highest quality in sound technique, this TDK DVD provides a feast for the ear and the eye.

Picture Format: 16:9, 1 DVD
Sound Format: LPCM stereo, DD 5.1, DLT 5.1
Running Time: 123 mins
Region Code: NTSC All
Booklet Languages: GB, F, D
Subtitle Languages : GB, F, D, I, E
Territory: Worldwide

Giordano: Andrea Chenier

1. opening 2:54

Act 1
2 Questo azzurro sofa la collochiam (Marjordomo) [0:43]

3 Compiacente a colloqui (Gerard)    [4:11]

4 Il giorno intorno gia s'insera lentamenta! (Maddalena, Gerardi)    [1:04]

5 Via, V'affrettate (Countess, Gerard, Maddalena, Bersi)  [1:07]

6 Soffoco... Moro Tutta Chiusa  (Maddalena, Bersi, Countess, Fleville, Abbe) [4:05]

7 Debole e il Re (Abbe, Feville, Countess, Guests, Maddalena)   [1:18]

8 Passiamo la sera allagramente! (Feville, Guests, Abbe)    [1:44]

9 O pastorelle, addio (Singers, Guests)  [2:07]

10 Signor Chenier.../Madama La Contessa? (Countess, Chenier, Fleville, Abbe, Maddalena)   [0:39]

11 Al mio dire perdona ed al mio ardire (Maddalena, Friends Of Maddalena, Chenier, Countess, Guests)   [2:52]

12 Un di all'azzurro spazio (Chenier, Maddalena, Countess)   [4:35]

13 Perdonatemi!  (Maddalena, Countess) [0:49]

14 La notte il giorno (Voices, Gerard, Countess, Majordomo)  (4:03)

Act 2

15 Per l'ex inferno (Mathieu, Bersi, L'Incredibile)  [1:18]

16 Temer?...Perche? Perche? Perche temer dovro? (Bersi)   [2:00]

17 No, non m'inganno! (L'Incredilbile, Chenier, Roucher)   [1:42]

18 Credo a una possanza arcana (Chenier, Roucher)   (3:31)

19 Calligrafia in vero femminil (Roucher, Chenier, Crowd)  [2:28]

20 Viva Roberpierre! Evvival (Matthieu, Citizens, L'Incredibile, Chenier, Gerard, Roucher)   [2:11]

21 Non mi saluti? (Bersi, Roucher, L'Incredibile, Chenier, Matthieu)   (3:38)

22 Ecco l'altare (Maddalena, Chenier, L'Incredibile)   [2:59]

23 Eravate possente (Maddalena, Chenier)   [2:57]

24 Ora soave, sublime ora d'amore! (Maddalena, Chenier) [2:43]

25  Maddalena di Coigny! (Gerard, Maddalena, Chenier, Roucher, L'Incredibile, Mathieu, Crowd)   [2:21]

Act 3

26 Dumouriez traditore e girondino (Mathieu, People, Gerard)  [3:45]

27 Lacrime e sangue da la francial (Gerard)   [2:05]

28 Son la vecchia Madelon (Madelon, Gerard, crowd)  [4:06]

29 L'uccello è un rete! (L'Incredibile, Gerard)  [0:55]

30 Donnina, innamorata (L'Incredibile, Gerard)   [2:50]

31 Nemico della patria? (Gerard)  [5:16]

32 Or io tinnego il santo grido! (Gerard, L'Incredibile)  [1:22]

33 Carlo Gerard? (Maddalena, Mathieu, Gerard)  [4:57]

34 La mamma morta (Maddalena)   [5:56]

35 Perduto! La mia vita per salvarlo (Gerard, Maddalena)  [1:38]

36 Mamma Cadet! (Market Women, Mathieu, Crowd, Gerard, Maddalena, Dumas, Fouquier - Tinville)   [3:46]

37 Si, fui soldato (Chenier)   [2:15]

38 Udiamo i testimoni! (Fouquier - Tinville, Gerard, Crowd, Chenier, Dumas, Maddalena)   [3:14]

Act 4

39 Cittadino, men duol, mae tardi assai (Schmidt, Roucher, Chenier)  [1:14]

40 Come un bel din maggio (Chenier)  [3:06]

41 Viene a costei concesso (Gerard, Schmidt, Maddalena)   [0:53]

42 Il vostro giuramento vi sovvengo (Maddalena, Schmidt, Gerard)   [2:53]

43 Vicino a te s' acqueta (Maddalena, Chenier, Schmidt)  [3:42]

44 La nostra morte (Maddalena, Chenier)   [4:09]

45 Credits 4:09